Since inception, SMS has extended its contract tenures for almost all its mining service providing projects. After successful completion of the contract period, as per the contract order, the company has always been able to secure the next tenure based on its track record of efficacious working, scheduled production, smooth operation and organised manpower.

This record helps it acquire new jobs all over the country, which subsequently turn into long time and continuous projects.

As of today, Sarvodaya Mining Services is now operational at 7 mining sites across the nation with the majority of sites being associated with extraction / handling of limestone for major Cement Corporates. Equipped with advanced technology, embedded by heavy machineries of heavyweights such as Kobelco, L&T, HITACHI, Caterpillar Inc. assures the extraction of lakhs of tonnes of production every day from all the mining sites.

Everyone in the SMS, right from the On-site members to the Outreach team, strives for excellence with their work. Moreover, with heavy risks involved in the field of work, safety has always been the first and foremost priority of SMS Group. Zero fatality is our motto and aim. All the sites and workers are equipped with safety gears followed by on-site routine checks.

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